We are a non-profit with a Purpose Driven Mission (win souls and help the hopeless). This is another way to support the Ministry. Each and every item purchased helps us on the Mission Field. We thank you in advance for the support, love and prayers GOD BLESS YOU.

Why Choose Us?

Your support matters! We are a non profit that does not earn a living off of anything sold in our store, at live events, or in retail. Helping us truly helps others as we use funds for Bibles, events, reading materials, food and homeless care packs. You want to get involved but don't know how? This is a perfect way to anonymously help.

About Us

Big Perk

Ministry Leader

GODS+WAY Ministry is a small but effective street ministry that is on the front lines. The issues we address are every ones problem. There is not a family, a group, a job site or an individual that is not in need of Jesus. We are devoted to bring the light to a dark world. Partner with us together we can transform our communities.